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Buy or rent?

It is obvious that buying a property to be your main home will save you money in the long run. Indeed, if you make a contribution in addition to your credit and you negotiate it with the bank, your credit repayment will cost you less monthly than rent.


Your money will serve your direct interests rather than fund an owner. If your job requires geographic mobility and pushes you to move every three to five years, it is probably better to turn to a rental investment that will provide you with a monthly pension and that, once your credit has been repaid, will allow you to finance your investment. rent.


This advice also applies to your character, to your personality. If you have the soul of an entrepreneur, keep a principal residence with rent, which gives you freedom and mobility and create passive income with rental real estate investments! If your heart is rocking and you have trouble planning for the future, then you can also decide to invest in a property to make it your main home and leave you the freedom to rent it later.


To do this, do not engage in a zero rate loan proposed by the state because it requires you to keep your property as a principal residence for a few years.

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