Planning a holiday in Athens? Why not choose the house rental option?

Accueil 9 Rent 9 Planning a holiday in Athens? Why not choose the house rental option?

Athens is one of the essential places to see and visit in Greece. Yet many tourists only make a quick stop there before heading on by boat to the islands of the Aegean. This great European capital is, however, simply overflowing with archaeological and cultural treasures, and represents the quintessential essence of the very soul of Greece. As with Rome, it’s true to say: “When in Athens, do as the Athenians do.”

Renting a house enables you to really get the most out of your time in Athens, providing much greater levels of comfort and enjoyment than a simple stay in a hotel (as comfortable as that may be). This is the unique experience we offer through our extensive range of rental options designed to enable you to select the best accommodation solution for your Athens holiday.

Make your stay in Athens unforgettable

By staying in Athens itself, you’ll get to feel and experience all the energy, vitality and emotions that drive the life of this captivating city. Rather than just visiting the Acropolis and the Parthenon for an hour as you would as a tourist, by renting a house for your trip you’ll acquire the status of an invited guest under the protection of the goddess Athena. You’ll get to know the Sacred Rock intimately as it reveals itself in all the different changing light, from the very first rays of the sun through to the tranquil daybreak of a lively, bustling city as it first awakens in the morning. From the terrace of your accommodation, you’ll be able to fully savour the Greek ambiance and atmosphere, with here and there the scent of the orange trees that line many of the streets, the musical strains of an unseen bouzouki in the distance, and all the sounds of the distinctively and characteristically frenetic and energetic life of Athens.

On your walks and excursions, you’ll experience one new discovery after another and encounter archaeological gems hidden throughout the city. You’ll enter the magical world of the local neighbourhood markets, where’ll you’ll be able to buy tomatoes for the equivalent of around 30p a pound…

Here and there, you’ll savour typically Greek dishes in some of the many tavernas, where in the evening musicians celebrate the heart and soul of Greece in vibrant, emotional song.
You’ll very quickly feel completely at home, with many of the visitors who’ve opted to rent a house in Athens having told us that they experienced a real sense of comfort and intimacy. They felt as if they were in their own homes, and some of them now come back year after year. Certain amongst them have even decided to take the plunge and move to Athens permanently. Once you’ve had an enjoyable stay in this city, life begins to take on other colours, other flavours.

How to rent a house in Athens ?

We have a wide choice of rental properties in Athens to offer ( On our website you’ll find a selection of luxury houses and wonderful villas just waiting to welcome you for your dream holiday in the wonderfully intense city of Athens. Whether travelling as a couple, as a family or with a group of friends, we will be able to meet all your needs and requirements and provide you with accommodation in the best locations and offering the highest levels of comfort.

Be sure to visit our website, where you can also contact us and ask us any questions you may have about anything. We will do everything possible to help you properly plan and arrange your stay in a genuine Athenian house.