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Buying an apartment in Nice: 4 signs that you have found the pearl

Its favourable climatic conditions, its pebble beaches, its incredible landscapes, many people dream of buying a primary or secondary residence on the French Riviera and more particularly in the city of Nice to spend happy days there. However, buying an apartment in Nice is a major investment and it is better to be sure to get the right deal.

How can you be sure that you have found the perfect apartment in Nice? Here are 4 points that could weigh heavily in the balance when you are looking for the ideal apartment.

The price of the apartment corresponds to the reality of the real estate market in Nice

If you didn’t focus on apartment rentals on the French Riviera, know that buying a property in Nice implies first of all having done a thorough research on the issue, in order to have an idea of the market price. It will be easy for you thanks to many websites to obtain information on property prices in the Alpes Maritimes, then to refocus on Nice, then on the desired district.

Once you have this notion of price in mind and have obtained a price range per square meter, you can start the visits. Of course you can start sorting through the different ads and discard properties whose selling price charged by sellers really moves away from the market.

The apartment in Nice overlooks the sea and is bathed in light

Depending on your contribution and after having done a real estate credit simulation with your bank, you can search for ads with a real estate agency to be sure that a private individual does not ask too much for them. It will then be up to you to define your own criteria, but be aware, for example, that a room with a through exposure will really be bathed in light. An East-West exposure is the best, because the sunshine period is optimal.

Another important criterion to make your choice to buy is the view. In Nice, of course, an apartment that would be fully equipped and would also offer a view of the sea should be taken seriously into consideration.

The apartment is close to the centre of Nice or served by transport…

Nice offers many very popular and pleasant neighbourhoods to buy your accommodation. For example, you will like the historic district that is not far from the courthouse, the sea and the tramway.

Even if these criteria are sought by many people it is also for their convenience. As its name suggests, the centre is an important axis that makes it possible to reach all parts of the city and, moreover, a place through which transport necessarily gravitates. Shopping, restaurants, the city centre of an urban area is always a lively place.

… or the apartment is quiet, in the hills of Nice

If, on the other hand, you fear crowds, bustle in the streets at night and heavy traffic on the roads, it is certainly better to focus your research on the hills of Nice to get some peace and quiet.

For example, you can find exceptional properties in small condominiums in Pessicart or Saint-Sylvestre.

If all thse criteria are met, go for it! You have found the rare gem!