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Are you dreaming of an exceptional view, a resolutely upmarket living environment and a luxurious layout ?

Prestige real estate offers you access to properties that focus on luxury in all its forms. It’s not necessarily a question of surface area, since the location, services, materials, etc. are all taken into account. Naturally, high-end real estate is subject to a price range that exceeds the standard range. That’s why you need to select the right agency, find out how.

The property sector

The last few years have been particularly good for the French property market. Falling interest rates and tax incentives have boosted the volume of transactions. At the end of November 2021, the cumulative volume over a sliding year reached the honourable figure of 1.201 million old properties.

The annual increase recorded (17.5%) remains significant despite the fact that it does not match the 23% increase achieved in August 2021, still on a rolling 12-month basis.

From the 3rd quarter of 2020 to the 3rd quarter of 2021, prices per square metre of flats in the provinces rose by 7.5%, while house prices grew by 9.4%.

Over the same period, in Ile-de-France, the overall increase is around 4%. More concretely, the price of flats jumped by 2.5%, which is largely outpaced by house prices, which rose by 7%. The last time that flat prices rose significantly less than house prices was in 2016.

In view of these figures communicated on the official website of the notaries of France, the market of the former could stabilise in the course of 2022. Trends should therefore continue to rise, but at a slower pace than in 2021.

The production of new properties is still handicapped by delays in the delivery of building permits. As a result, the market remains tight as supply struggles to keep pace with demand. It is therefore logical that buyers are turning to the old market, which is beginning to see its stock of properties dwindle.

Statistics show that there is a definite craze for properties in the countryside. With the standardisation of teleworking and travel restrictions in times of pandemic, buyers are focusing more on proximity to natural areas. Overall, city centres are being abandoned in favour of the outskirts and metropolitan areas are less popular than rural areas. The economic attractiveness of large cities is nevertheless a significant advantage that is likely to change the trend once again.

Luxury real estate

The scarcity, or even absence, of foreign investors depending on the geographical area has been largely compensated by the return of French expatriates. In addition, national buyers have been accelerating the completion of their projects since 2020. Prestige real estate is thus recording a constant increase in the volume of transactions. This increase has risen from 40% (2019) to 70% (2021) in Paris and the Ile-de-France alone.

The French consider luxury real estate as a secure investment pole. However, beyond the fact that it is a safe haven, prestige properties also offer the prospect of better living conditions.

Preference is given to properties with outdoor space, whether it be a balcony, terrace or landscaped park. In addition, the research focuses on residential properties. According to recent studies, the majority of investors are looking for a primary residence. The types of property sought are quite varied, ranging from villas to manor houses, flats and atypical castles.

Discover the town of Antibes

Facing the Mediterranean, Antibes attracts boaters, hikers, entrepreneurs… It is a human-sized town resolutely turned towards the future where daily life is comfortable and pleasant.

The town and its points of interest

Located 10 km from Cannes, 15 km from Grasse and 23 km from Nice, Antibes is one of those Mediterranean towns where authentic nature meets avant-garde construction. It inspired the name of the Sophia Antipolis technology park, which also straddles four other communes.

In addition, the Antipolis area is perfectly served by the various networks and transport routes. Motorways, departmental roads, railways, bus and tram fleets optimise intra-city traffic and links with the major French cities. Not to mention the proximity of Nice-Côte d’Azur airport.

The aqueducts of La Bouillide and Fontvielle are part of Antibes’ charms. The Tire-Poil path along the coast invites you to take pleasant walks on long sunny days. The 26-hectare Marineland park is home to dolphins, orcas, polar bears and sea lions, among other fascinating animals. The many museums, such as the Tower Museum, which tells the story of the town, the Archaeology Museum and the Postcard Museum, promise you a full day of art and history.

Antibes luxury real estate: the favourite districts

The Antibes/Juan-les-Pins seaside area attracts a clientele looking for a luxury property in a dynamic sector. The abundance of restaurants, the proximity of the casino and the prospect of living as close to the sea as possible are indeed very appealing.

Those who prefer the quality of the view are more likely to choose the Cap d’Antibes. The peninsula benefits from a green setting shaped by the pine forests which border the beaches as well as the hiking trails.

The historic heart of the town is equally attractive, as it offers you a rendezvous with the local culture in all its splendour, without forgetting the emblematic places that tell the story of Antibes’ past.

luxury real estate antibes

Luxury real estate Antibes : search for a real estate agency on the internet

Visit the websites of real estate agencies specialising in luxury properties, making sure that Antibes is one of the areas covered by the team. It is indeed essential that you are accompanied by professionals who know perfectly the specificities of the local market. Check the property catalogue to make sure that the agency is really dedicated to prestige properties, as this is a segment that deserves special knowledge.

Do not overlook the agency’s rates. Even if the notion of luxury is naturally accompanied by high prices, they must remain consistent with local trends. If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact Haussmann, an excellent agency in luxury real estate Antibes.

Luxury real estate Antibes : look at the customer reviews

Take note of the name of each agency whose website has made a good impression on you and continue your investigations by looking for reviews from previous clients. A good agency accumulates recommendations and favourable arguments. If the comments and opinions are positive, it’s a good sign. Otherwise, move on.

Luxury real estate Antibes : beware of the e-reputation

Take advantage of the time you spend on your browser to find out about the e-reputation of the real estate agency. There are websites that specialise in evaluating professionals and provide objective opinions based on customer reviews, financial data and other evidence of the reliability of the company concerned.

In parallel, see what is said on forums, in press articles, on social networks, etc. The more favourable reviews a luxury real estate agency receives, the more reliable it is. You can therefore seriously consider making contact.

Luxury real estate Antibes : consult your network

You can use your personal network (family, friends…) as well as your professional network (colleagues, business partners…). Make sure that the people you ask for recommendations have personally benefited from the services of a luxury real estate agency.

If not, they should be able to put you in touch with former clients of the agency in question. Your objective is to collect as much information as possible, in particular feedback that is as detailed as possible.

Luxury real estate Antibes : word of mouth

When a real estate agency is highly publicised, you can be sure that it has made a strong impression on its clients. This is why you should not neglect information that comes to you by word of mouth. Take note of the names and contact details of the agencies that are mentioned most often and orient your research accordingly.

Luxury real estate Antibes: the first appointment

Before making contact, always take the time to clearly define your expectations: the type of property (house/villa or apartment/penthouse/duplex), the ideal configuration, the architectural style, the number of rooms, the dominant materials, the orientation, the type of view, the atmosphere of the neighbourhood…

Then use these elements to give your contact person an overview of your expectations. A real estate agent specialising in luxury properties will be able to make some suggestions in relation to available properties or in reference to sold properties. It is important that your needs are understood and taken into account. It is also important that you get on well with each other before you entrust your project to him.

Luxury real estate Antibes : trust your instinct

Once you have made contact, one estate agency will certainly stand out from the others. The quality of the properties presented is decisive, as are the values defended by the team, the price range and the quality of the human relationship. If you feel confident and your instinct is to pursue this path, then this is probably the agency that will enable you to make your project a reality.

Apply these tips and you will find the ideal luxury real estate agency according to the selection criteria you have previously defined.