Penthouse apartments: why we love them

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Apartments on the top floor are among the most sought-after. Indeed, some people seek them out exclusively, and with good reason. These are exceptional assets with endless advantages. Are you sceptical? Discover a few of the advantages of top floor apartments.

A panoramic view

The higher you go, the fewer neighbours you’ll have in your face. There are no objects blocking a panoramic view. The trees are not tall enough to hide your view of your surroundings. The neighbouring buildings have little impact on how you see the horizon.

Depending on where your apartment is situated, you may be able to see the sky seemingly melt into the sea. You’ll also be able to see the mountaintops rising from behind the tallest buildings. As night falls, the lights bring an unexpected charm to the panorama.

In other words, the view of what surrounds you changes with every storey. On the top storey of the building, you’ll notice that views which seem ordinary from the lower floors really are worthy of appreciation.

Maximum sunshine

Because the top floor is the least obstructed, it is also the sunniest. Sunshine can enter from all sides. What’s more, the taller the building, the better the sunlight. At the same time, height keeps you away from pollution, letting you enjoy a better ventilated space than the lower floors.

Being up high has advantages with regard to ambient air quality. Indeed, the reduction in pollutants entering the apartment combines with the added sunshine to create a healthier atmosphere. You’ll notice that living on the top floor is much more comfortable and is excellent for one’s health. We can already see why these top-flight assets get so many unconditional offers!

A rare asset

Of course, you don’t come across top floor apartments every day. That’s because few buildings are tall enough to offer such an exceptional property. When you choose to live up high, you give yourself the chance to live in a unique property. The quality of life, the panoramic view stretching out in front of you, these are just a few of the qualities that make a top floor property a rarity. That’s particularly true of apartments in Beaulieu-sur-Mer like the ones you can find here for example:

Security is also enhanced to the extent that accessing the top floor is difficult. Unless they are top acrobats, burglars will have no luck trying to break in. If you forget to close a window when you go out, you won’t be on edge until you get home.

Prestigious apartments

These rare assets have the advantage of being carefully laid out. The absence of a garden is far from being an inconvenience since other arrangements can be made. Imagine, for example, a terrace with loungers for peaceful sunbathing, shielded from wandering eyes, or an infinity pool giving you an unobstructed view of the deep blue sea. The big windows letting the sun in, ensuring optimal natural lighting throughout the day, are also associated with numerous top floor apartments. As you can see, several solutions will make you forget you have neither a swing nor a petanque court. The property has more of a cocooning quality to it.

The decor needs to be generally sophisticated without being overdone. The coverings are premium quality. The light fittings and other elements, which play both a decorative and functional role, are painstakingly chosen.

The top floor location can be adapted to an eclectic range of decorative styles. There is no risk of a leak from upstairs flooding your rooms. For the same reason, your beautiful chandelier does not run the risk of falling to the floor because the upstairs neighbours stamp about or because their children run their toy trucks around their apartment at top speed. It is therefore simpler to install top of the line accessories and furniture on the top floor, accentuating the prestige of these exceptional real estate assets.

A large living area opening to the outdoors

An apartment on the top storey of a building offers more opportunities to open up to the outdoors, without the risk of compromising on privacy. Curtains, for example, are indispensable for protecting oneself from prying eyes when living on the ground floor or middle floors. They serve more as a way to decorate a space and filter excess sunlight when you live on the top floor.

In other words, you can take your meals in front of big windows looking out onto the sea, facing the mountains or with a view of the city. You’ll host your visitors right up by the skyline, which will make a striking impression. After a rough day, open your curtains, or even your windows, to admire the sun setting on the horizon or see the stars in the sky slowly coming out.

Even in the absence of a balcony or a patio, living on the top floor is perfectly pleasant. Later on, you could carry out some work to fit the apartment to your tastes while making the most of its potential openness to the outdoors.

A way to cut yourself off from urban hustle and bustle

When you shut your apartment door, you’ll find peace and quiet. This calmness will continue to the extent that you yourself do not create a noisy environment. You won’t hear heavy footfall and shoe noises from the floor above. You aren’t bothered by the squeaking of furniture in your upstairs neighbours’ place. The roar of engines seems far away. The nuisance noises of the bars, restaurants and clubs does not affect you at all (or only a little). It’s as if you lived somewhere else completely all while remaining at the centre of the urban world.

Living on the top floor is much like living out of town. The advantage is that you don’t have to commute several kilometres to get to work and come home again. Shops are just a few steps from the apartment building. If you want to leave this peaceful environment for somewhere more vibrant, you only need to walk a few metres.

Top floor apartments have everything going for them. Airy, bright and as peaceful as you like, they offer an exceptional lifestyle. Think about visiting a few of these properties before choosing, since each apartment is unique.