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Athens attracts holidaymakers, but above all, it is a city where people want to settle permanently. Vibrant, it abounds in historical sites that rival its natural spaces and cultural sites in terms of interest. So there is no risk of getting bored. Better still, Athens offers a prestigious living environment, yet property prices remain relatively accessible.

For individuals

Are you looking for a property to buy or rent? Do you wish to sell your property? The opportunities are numerous. All you have to do is define the framework of your project. If necessary, do not hesitate to contact a real estate agency in Athens:

Renting a flat or a house

It is essential to define your search areas according to your preferences. The environment, the amenities and the types of properties available are indeed variable.

The centre of Athens is a good choice if you are looking for a property in a busy area. Nicknamed the District of the Gods, Plaka is a very touristy area. Its maze of streets contributes as much to its attractiveness as its proximity to unmissable sites such as the Acropolis. Not far away, Monastiráki welcomes you in a dynamic atmosphere forged by the abundance of shops. You will also find the Tzisdarakis Mosque, connected to the Museum of Greek Folk Art. Kolonáki is synonymous with refinement.

Ideally located in the city centre, this district offers a privileged meeting point with chic boutiques, gourmet restaurants and art galleries. The properties are in keeping with this very upmarket identity. The flats and houses are modern and luxurious. Note that the new constructions located in the city centre will mostly provide you with a garage or parking spaces. However, this is not always the case with older properties, especially flats.

Are you planning to move to Athens with your family? It may be more advantageous to start your search in the northern neighbourhoods. Schools are more numerous and, above all, more varied. For example, you can enrol your children in an American school or a Franco-Hellenic high school, among other possibilities. The northern sector is also an excellent choice to take advantage of an abundant selection of restaurants and shops. The Kifissia district is the lung of this area.

Close to the Maroussi business district, it offers access to all amenities and public transport provides regular connections to the city centre. The properties promise an excellent level of comfort to which neither children nor adults are insensitive. For those who love residential areas, look for Ekali or Agia Paraskevi. Here you will find many properties with a charming exterior for your family.

The other areas are obviously not lacking in charm. It is therefore best to entrust your needs to a real estate agency that knows the local market inside out. This will make it easy for you to find a house or flat that meets all your criteria.

Selling a flat or house

The sale is a transaction that can be completed very quickly as demand is high in Athens. Put all the chances on your side by asking for an estimate from a professional. You will then be able to set a fair price in relation to the strong points of your property. If necessary, the professional who accompanies you in your project will recommend work to increase the value of the house or flat you wish to sell.

For professionals

The capital of Greece offers you many opportunities to develop your activities. It is obviously essential to choose your premises carefully.

Renting or selling an office

The rental offer gives you access to a particularly advantageous price/quality ratio. In addition, there are many different types of premises: commercial spaces, offices, warehouses…. It is even possible to direct your search towards furnished and fully equipped facilities if you wish to be able to start your activities as soon as the contract is signed.

Of course, it is important to choose your location carefully in relation to the services/products you offer. You should also evaluate the accessibility for your employees to ensure that your location in Athens is appropriate.

Do you have premises suitable for professional use and would like to sell them? Identify its main assets to be able to draw up an attractive advertisement. Don’t neglect the improvement work that always makes it possible to sell better.

Private individual or professional, buyer/tenant or seller, the golden rule to make a success of your real estate project is to be supported by experts. You’ll save time and you’ll have all the cards in your hand so that the financial aspect of the transaction is to your advantage.

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