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Penthouse apartments: why we love them

Apartments on the top floor are among the most sought-after. Indeed, some people seek them out exclusively, and with good reason. These are exceptional assets with endless advantages. Are you sceptical? Discover a few of the advantages of top floor apartments. Read More

Property in Valbonne: what should you choose?

Are you an entrepreneur looking for an estate agent in the Valbonne area? Are you a private individual looking for information about properties available in the Alpes-Maritime region?

In this issue, we offer you the opportunity to review the properties that a prestigious town like Valbonne has to offer, as well as the kind of property you can expect to find in the area. We will complete our showcase by considering the best alternatives for renting or buying in Valbonne. Read More

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Buying an apartment in Nice: 4 signs that you have found the pearl

Its favourable climatic conditions, its pebble beaches, its incredible landscapes, many people dream of buying a primary or secondary residence on the French Riviera and more particularly in the city of Nice to spend happy days there. However, buying an apartment in Nice is a major investment and it is better to be sure to get the right deal.

How can you be sure that you have found the perfect apartment in Nice? Here are 4 points that could weigh heavily in the balance when you are looking for the ideal apartment. Read More

pinel law

Focus on the Pinel law

The Pinel law is a tax reduction plan in case of purchase of new property for a rental commitment, which has for main characteristics a zero interest loan (abbreviated as “PTZ”) and a tax exemption plan. The tax reduction can be up to 63,000 euros (with, for example, an investment of 300,000 euros, for a rental commitment of 12 years). Specifically, the plan allows some owners to pay only 35 to 40% of the value of the property. Read More